Chalet Du Lys

Social Media Policy

The use of internet and social networking has become a daily habit, so that any company, from large multinationals to small traders, have created their own page where reporting on the actions undertaken and promote services and products.

If for large multinational companies the Social Media Policy is an established tool for some time, the smaller firms are still struggling today to adopt a "code of ethics" on the web. The Social Media Policy in fact can be understood as a code of self-regulation of the use of internet and in particular the communication through the web and social networks.

There is no obligation to adopt such an instrument, but the Chalet du Lys, as a precursor of the use of the web as a tool for communication and marketing, has felt the need to draw up its own code, mainly because it is the era of Web market itself imposing it.

All uses social media linked to the name of the Chalet du Lys must follow these ethical standards, both by internal and external parties.

Protecting your privacy
Remember not to post information that you would not want others to see.

To be honest
Do not write by anonymous, using pseudonyms or false names. We at Chalet du Lys believe in transparency and honesty. Do not write anything false or untrue, and remember that what you post will remain online for a long time.

Respect the copyright rules
It 'important that respects the copyright of the work of others, including that of material produced from Chalet du Lys.

Observe the general public and the Hotel
Do not be afraid to write your opinions, but do it with respect for everyone, politely and without offensive words, intimidation, or discrimination of any kind.

If you have posted something incorrectly for, check the accuracy and then do this. Avoid, however, discussions and sterile polemics: perhaps serve to increase traffic but in the end no one earns.

Accountable for their mistakes
If you make a mistake, acknowledge and correct it quickly. If you choose to edit a post, be sure to make it clear that you did.

Thinking of the consequences
Again, it's all sent back to your judgment.
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